Meditation — the light that we are / Uns als Licht und Weisheit erfahren

“Um zu heilen, ist Entspannung bis auf das Zellniveau wichtig. Dass ist kein passiver Zustand, sondern ein Zustand, in dem wir uns als mühelose Meisterinnen wieder finden.”
“Meditation is about remembering our natural state.”

Our natural state is a state of oneness with everything, a state of peace and alertness.

It is the state in which we can access all universal wisdom, and the knowledge we have accumulated over many life-times.

In meditation, we let go of the need of the mind to separate and control our surroundings. We learn to connect with what is, not what could or should be. From here, we manifest our lives in clarity and with ease.

“I teach 12-Chakra meditation to human beings so they can learn to move energy in and around their bodies to self-heal.” 

In my meditation sessions, I help others to connect to their inner resources. The heart first, then our earth star that’s grounding us into mother. And all the other 12 energetic centres of information to open them up and activate them for everyday use.

We learn how to work with light that we are and have at our disposal. Light or high frequency energy is intelligent, at service and eager to move up. Our intention can connect to the universal energies and move light and healing into and through the body as is needed.

Pain, or density, as I call it, can be found, connected with and enlightened.

“In order to heal, relaxation down to the cell level is essential. It is not a passive state, but a sTATE of great mastery.”

My meditations are guided without music. As we raise our frequency, we start to hear or  sense the vibration in our cells, and we begin to connect our cell memory to the universe for rebalancing.  Humming, singing or toning can create a portal for such an exchange.

The human heart 

While every cell in our body has consciousness, the heart is the major chakra to receive universal wisdom and guidance. The heart is the place where the human process is initiated.

Every age benefits

At every stage in our lives, we benefit from choosing a calm and centred state.

Meditation on the heart connects heart and mind so we can enjoy our inner and outer growth, whether we are in our teenage years, a mum or dad, or a gracious elderly person. Guided through the heart, navigating through life feels more choice-filled and loving.

I have worked with 4 year olds to share their innermost realms, as well as with 80 year olds who sought for a way to be better able to tap their inner resources.

I regularly work with schools in the Netherlands and Scotland.

The benefits of meditation are limitless, here are the most obvious ones:

  • body and mind rebalancing;
  • nervous system release and detox;
  • immune system boost through a more balanced nervous system;
  • balanced breathing, which reduces anxieties and fear;
  • organs and brain receive optimal oxygen for the cells to clear;
  • healing of physical pain through deep cell relaxation
  • improve your fitness: meditation controls the serum levels of cortisol in our bodies, amongst other hormones, that is the hormone that we produce in situations of stress, or when we challenge ourselves during a work-out. High cortisol levels can cloud our mind and even create states of feeling low or depressed. Meditation can correct this.
  • 10-15 minutes of deep meditation are as beneficial for your overall health as 45 minutes running.

We feel more awake and open, as our energies move more freely in us.
We are better resourced to meet life’s challenges, as we learn to be fully present moment by moment instead of automatically reacting to situations.

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