Healing alphabet: A like Asthma

A – like Asthma

Possible cause: Suffocated love, inability to breath for oneself. Suppressed crying.
In babies and children: Not sure whether they’re welcome, don’t want to be here. Fear of life.

Case: Tina, 12, is developing symptoms of asthma. She witnessed her parents separation unfold over many years and was tormented in the process. Whom of the two should she back up? She blamed herself for not being able to make them stay together. Nobody listened to her pain and her thoughts. She felt shut out, so shut up.

Her respiratory and emotional distress caused intense tension in her cranial musculature (head and neck), her temporomandibulair joints (jaw area and left and right area around the ear) and reduces the free movement of her sphenoid, a central cranial bone whose motility is communicating with all the bones in a skull. To release tension in the mandible (jaws) and create more space for the sphenoid (the inner eye) are the techniques I would use to slowly open up a way for the deeper, initial emotions to surface. It can happen that a first contact with her tense tissue will send a clear message into her consciousness. She might burst into tears, a first opening is created for mind and body to trust again in what they have to express, the healing can begin. Lacking this contact the mental confusion and physical blockages will continue.


Mantra: “I create harmony within me with every breath I take, this life is for me. I am safe and I am welcome.”

Remember: Breath in love, breath out trust, breath in joy, great out compassionRebalance yourself, an you rebalance all life around you. You are safe inside out.


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