Healing Alphabet: B like Bladder

B – Bladder issues

Possible cause: Difficulty to late go of what is no longer useful. Lack of trust. Being pissed of at something/ someone.

Craniosacral and energy work can rebalance the mental pattern that is being repeated to manifest this dysfunction. When did the bladder issue start? What happened in the client’s life at the time? When was the mental pattern created that it safer to hold on to what is harmful than to choose to let go and trust that what comes on one’s path is supportive? Deep relaxation through techniques involving the sacrum and the atlas-occiput (neck area), ashtray maybe, might help to release cell memories of feeling unsafe. Different organs can be invited ti show their support of the bladder, the heart can step up and guide the physical into its natural state of trust. The liver and kidney connection can be activated to filter out what is harmful and remember that we are safe at all times, if we live guided by the heart, instead of fear. The bladder must be connect with the entire system to remember its actual task: to release what is no longer needed, not to store and hold on to it.

ornament_hart_1Mantra: I easily welcome the new in my life. I can let go of what no longer serves me. I am safe at all time.

Remember: Make contact with your bladder and thank it for it services. Remind it of its task. Let it know you understand it wants to protect you, and that this is no longer needed. You understand now. Your physical always listens to the vibration of what you say, speak from love and compassion. Heal yourself.





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