Healing Alphabet: C like Cough

C – Coughs and Colds

Source: Sign of change (seasonal or personal), wanting to initiate change, barking at the world in support: See me, hear me. Fear of not being acknowledged. All respiratory ailments, like coughs, colds, bronchitis, are an expression of fear to take life in fully. Why do you get a cold and someone next to you not? Something in us is in doubt, not fully taking in what is in our life, what is offered to us every day. Transform resistance into acceptance so you can move with everything that comes onto your path.

Balancing mantra: I am noticed, I am appreciated in the most positive way. I am loved. I hold the light of love and the warmth of trust in every cell of my body. Change is for me.


Discernment needed: What fear do you hold within you that stagnates your breath? Breath in deeply, especially at the change of season, so you can benefit from the polls in the air that you need to balance your energy, so you got the oxygen you need to cleans your lungs and old beliefs that no longer serve you. Breath in and release air, so you remember that you are in exchange with all that is at all times. You are safe and free. You are in divine flow.

ornament_hart_1I got rid of my Sinusitis by realising that when the weather got colder and more wet, and the daylight shorter, I stopped filling my lungs with fresh air in the morning. I held the thought of fear that I was not sure how to make it through the dark. Like this, my sinuses could not get enough oxygen to cleanse and to cool down. Constant congestion followed.

The dark is filled with light, learn to connect to it, the dark is the space out of which everything is created. The dark embraces a great symphony of high vibrating sounds to sooth and still us, it is a gift.

Craniosacral work helps you to open up your sinuses, and clear your lungs and bronchial tubes. It takes you into a deep relaxation to boost your immune system and make space for everything that needs to be integrated in your life. Additionally, the nine right can be tired on with craniosacral techniques working with your pituitary an pineal glands. Change becomes joy. Light and trust can be sent into every part of your body to release tension in your fascia and mental concepts to support fast recovery.

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