Healing Alphabet: D – Dementia

Healing Alphabet: D like Dementia

Where it can come from: Refusal to deal with the world as it is. Hopelessness and long hold feelings of anger and disappointment.

Dementia clients I know gave up on the world due to something traumatic that happened in their lives earlier, or a few years back in their old age, that they deeply resent. The loss of their home, the loss of a spouse or child. There is a negative emotional overflow (super flux) in place that creates toxicity in the brain and body. There is no more space left for outside world information, as the anger and resentment occupy it all. Disconnection and disorientation grows.

Craniosacral techniques and energy work can create understanding of the underlying emotion and mental pattern that manifest dementia. It supports the vital need to detoxify the mind and the body/brain.

When being held in the space of love and pure energy, old emotions can surface and the breath of life can nurture the system better. The constant washing of our body by the craniosacral fluid (CSF) can be dramatically increased through simple techniques. Easy and non intrusive to administer, it involves finding one of the deep rhythms of the body that correspond with the fluctuations of the cerebrospinal fluid irrigating the brain and spinal cord. The technique involves gently guiding the body into a still point, which allows the nervous system to do a kind of reboot or reorganization, helping to calm  and reset the nervous system. The coaxing happens by following the movement of the rhythm as it moves inwards. Following the slight pause, set a strong intention to hault the new expansion movement. The system will attempt to expand out, it will flucutuate somewhat before coming to a stop. This is the stillpoint that can last from anywhere from a couple minutes to 30 minutes.

moon water

Next to the cleansing, in that magical moment the memory of self-empowerment as experienced in the body, is fed back to the mind to revive under-used (that the client gave up on) brain parts, and create new synapses with the information: “I own my life, I create my body. Change is possible.” The stuck energy, the idea of never-ever getting out of this (whatever it is that is experienced as harmful) can be released. More dynamic thoughts can be produced, which creates new neurological connections in the brain. Rebalancing in the mind/brain and with the environment is possible. The knowing of “I matter in the world. I form the world” is regained subconsciously and consciously. The outside world as a place that allows for the manifestation of self, becomes interesting and safe again.

Mantra: “I am safe, the place I inhabit is mine and it is perfect. I decide on the rules in my life.”

An interesting study that explains this

An interesting study published in the Journal of Gerontological Nursing (Vol. 34, No. 3, 2008) followed 9 older adults with dementia over the course of 12 weeks who received a simple Craniosacral technique. Results showed a statistically significant reduction in agitation, including aggressive behavior, boh physically and verbally. Find the abstract on PubMed, full article here.

Decreased flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) in Aging Population: A number of years ago, Dr. Upldeger (the founder of Craniosacral therapy) commented that the “turnover” of CSF in middle age adults (the definition of which keeps changing) may be half that of normal healthy younger adults. Additional research has shown that in elders with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, the flow of CSF is again half as much. To put numbers to this, normal CSF flow is 800ml a day, which may decrease to 400ml daily, and in Dementia and Alzheimer’s, down to 200ml a day.

Why is this important? CSF has a “washing” action, which removes heavy metals across the blood brain barrier. The less flow there is the more opportunity there is for the brain to “clog ornament_hart_1up” with plaques, tangles, and other factors typical of the memory loss and eventual overall decline found in Alzheimer’s patients.

Increased incidence of inflammatory response in aging humans: Simply put, as we age many people accumulate “pockets of inflammation” in the body that are a result of disease processes such as Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease and unresolved negative emotions, like fear or anger. In some cases, that ongoing inflammation “overflows” across the blood brain barrier and begins to compromise the brain tissue. This overflow can be guided into balance by bringing the body into a still point repeatedly, for it to remember safety and the power to cleanse and control life.




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