Healing Alphabet: E – Epilepsie

E like Epilepsy

Possible source: Sense of persecution, rejection of life. A sense of great struggle. Self-violence.

Epilepsy can develop at any time in a human being’s life. I am rather sure, though, that the predisposition was laid during pregnancy, or early childhood, where a sense of “this is too hard, I don’t get the support I need” was initiated. Potentially through the vibration of the mother, and her environment – challenges, old pains, lack of trust in her own capability, presence of the father not strong enough to hold and protect the mother, self-doubt in the father. Or the vibration of self-doubt carried in the genes, mother and father line.

Women who take medication have more strokes around their time of menstruation. The hormonal balance changes around that time, as extra oestrogen and progesterone is produced, this affects alterations in body fluids which affects the efficacy of anti-epileptic medication. Medication suppresses the information that must be looked at. If medication is taken, it is essential to do the healing work parallel to it. We must listen to our body, these signals in the brain are created to be heard.

Rebalancing work: Craniosacral work can relate the nervous system, detox it, and guide it into its natural rhythm. This can balance the electric impulses on the brain. Deep cell work, which is often called tomato-emotional release (SER) – talking and listening to organs, systems in the body, cells -, can find and release harmful cell memory, to understand the individuals need to create this storm in the brain.  To understand the source, and the mental pattern that was formed around an early experience in life. When this is understood, the body and brain acknowledge it, their work is done. The attacks will ease and maybe in time disappear. This depends on the willingness of the client to look, accept the harm done, transform it through the power of self-value and self-love, and heal him or herself back into balance.


Mantra: I choose to see life as eternal and harmonious. I breath peace and joy into every aspect of my life. I am  eternal and harmonious.


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