That the dark grows in winter (or summer on the other half of the world) is a dualistic perspective and must be brought in harmony with multidimensional understanding that there is never less or more light on the planet. What we call the darkness or the nights, might get longer, but the light is still there on the planet and we can connect to it.

Are you interested in working with your inner light, the light your cells receive, hold and create, and the light that you are? — Craniosacral and energy work are a good way to start finding out more about the sources of light, wellbeing and peace within and around you.

We all know about the pineal gland and its ability to produce extra energy for us, if it fully awakened. Did you know your hands and feet are major chakras, energy and light centres, that receive and give light and blessings? In fact, every cell in our body is an energy centre and emanates colourful light.

Craniosacral work helps you to release what no longer serves you, using your light to create optimal space in your body to self-heal, and to rebalance all sorts of imbalances and dysfunctions (chronic and acute). In this ways, cranio boosts your immune systems and supports you to meet life’s challenges more resourcefully.

Meditation on the heart is another way to learn to work with the energy that you are, as well as inner light sources (pineal gland, chakras) to create wellbeing and trust in the darker months.

Get in touch to discuss what could support you.



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