June classes: sit still and get to know yourself

MEDITATION ON THE HEART continues. Do you have a hard time to slow down, and to take conscious choices instead of simply reacting to what is going on around you?
Is it challenging for you to focus and concentrate at home or at work?
Meditation can help you to rebalance all aspects of your thinking and feeling state, as well as to recover faster from sickness and illnesses, and to deepen your joy in life.
These are some thoughts on how I understand meditation, how I practice meditation, and how meditation can be remembered as a state of being: alert, at peace and connected.
Class starts on Tuesday June 6, 7-8PM, Music Room, Dunblane Centre
Please get in touch to sign up lillian.fellmann@gmail.com,
4 Tuesdays in June for £44. Drop-in is welcome. In general, I do suggest to take a block class first. Get in touch if uncertain what to do.
meditation lillian fellmann
meditation lillian fellmann

8 year old meditation

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