12-chakra meditation

The 12-Chakra Sytem — learn to master your energies

The earth frequency has risen dramatically. Working with the old 7 chakras does no longer suffice to integrate this reality. We now all have access to our 5 ascended chakras to reach high into our universal truth and deep into hollow earth. By working with our 12-chakra system, we are able to see and experience our complete, and balanced energy body system.

In this introductory 5-week meditation class we’ll look at each of the 12 chakras and we will practice aligning them. You’ll learn to release low vibrations and emotions to let in higher light and wisdoms for self-realisation, self-empowerment and healing.

For all levels, with or without meditation or yoga experience.

Classes start September 6,  2017, at the Yoga Tree, Stirling.

£10 per session, £48 for 5 sessions.

Please contact Lilly, 07949059677, lillian.fellmann@gmail.com
Parallel to this block class, I give classes at the Dunblane Centre in Dunblane on Tuesdays, 7-8PM. 


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