Meditation for Mums

I am more and more aware that many mothers I meet look for a moment of deep quiet. Away from male energy to balance their own male-female vibration maybe. A place where they can sink into their natural rhythm, that of mother earth. Deep and steady.

A place where we can experience nurturing, and being held.

I’d like to offer a class at my home on Fridays, 10-11AM. In a small circle of women, we will learn to anchor ourselves well, to breath to release what we no longer want to hold in. To clear our throats from the things we’ve never said fully, held in, or uttered in a harmful way. We will sit in silence to connect with our deep wisdom. With our needs that must be heard to guide us powerfully on our ways.

“I have never succeeded to let go of my thoughts, until I started to meditate with Lilly.” 

Of course men/dads are very welcome too.

We will clear our density, and learn to release pain in our body in meditation.

Get in touch if you feel like joining! 07949059677
Learn more about other classes,





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