So, what is it you offer your clients?

I got asked yesterday by a mum of a friend of my daughter: “So, what is it that you offer to the people you work with?”

I said: “I clear density in the body. Density occurs when we repeat thoughts and emotional patterns of a low vibration. Thoughts like I am not good enough, or simply, I am not enough. It is really what all fears and anxiety, all stress, comes down to: I am not enough.” We forgot about our divinity and what that means: I am divine. As long as we don’t remember that we come from love and light, from the universe, and are part of Source, as long as we forget what these words mean in our daily lives, we will create pain in us and around us. We will be angry a lot because we feel we have less than we deserve, or be depressed, cause we feel we got what we deserve, namely not much. We’ll think we can’t change things and we’re stuck. We are accepting the illusion as reality.

The truth is we co-create everything in our lives. We create every situation and we create each other. We constantly choose, love or fear, joy or doubt. Constantly.

I try to love enough density out of a body, a physical mental and emotional body, so the light can come in. The memory of who we are can come back in, the wisdom can come back. Often a lot needs clearing, so it’s not done in one session. It is up to the client to go as far as she or he can and wants to. Healing, becoming whole, is a process, a journey. Every journey has her own wisdom and her own pace.”

Every healer offers a frequency increase really, releases density, it’s only the skills and talents that each one of us has that differ.

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