I was shown what time looked like

All there is is space. I woke up this morning with my spirit mentors showing me what time looks like. They opened up a quantum unit of infinitesimal size, tinsy. They reached into space and transmitted that this was a quantum unit that we call time on earth. I immediately understood that I was taught that they don use time as a measurement, but that they seemed to grasp our idea/practice of time as almost tangible.

So they reached into the vastness of IT ALL (the endless space) and took out this unit and they said watch. It immediately spun out into space itself, encompassing all of it or rather merging back into it faster than light to be part of the eternal space again. It could not exist outside of space! It was gorgeous. The alleged time unit unfolded into the most delicate web of silver threads, vibrating silver treads, which, without delay, merged back into the cosmic space, which itself seemed to be a delicate web made up of an abundance of illuminated silver threads, transmitting and exchanging data non-stop.. It was awe-inspiring to watch, this delicate business in peace and eager joy!

Ergo, time is space. Time IS NOT as time. Time IS NOT outside of space in the universe. It is a mental concept on earth and has no existence outside of it. It was shown to me this morning in full clarity.

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