Many women who come to me struggle with keeping their relationships up, or having relationships with men at all.

Well, this is no surprise – at least parts of it can be explained through the fact that we live in a time of human evolution where the masculine-feminie equilibrium on earth is being rebalanced. Massive amounts of feminine energy and wisdom is being poured into the planet, mainly through the moon. This means that the old feminine imprint and blueprint from over thousands of years-to be silenced and controlled- is pushed up to the surface to clear. Many women, in the process of this, experience unbelievable anger, often mixed with the feeling of being trapped, the desperate sensation that there is no way out. This feeling is part of a collective memory, or a collective blueprint of the female that everyone who chose the female form was trained into, and has deeply ingrained into every cell of their being.

Conscious transformation is needed now. When we suppress it, we self-destruct.

Well, this is over now, as our heart chakras are empowered by the new, the ascended blueprint of the 5th dimension. More light comes through but this can also throw us off balance for a moment, emotionally and mentally, until we have adjusted to it by consciously opening up to the guidance of the heart.

Women begin to remember their power, their wisdom, their place in the world as co-creators with the male energies and qualities, that they hold too. It is about a new alignment between the female and the male energies and expressions, a new and higher companionship that is much less based on outer things, outer or sexual attraction but deep connection and energetic exchange and mutual nurturing is awaiting us. Men begin to remember this too, and many might feel quite challenged as well while they work through their old, trained-into patterns of helplessness, some might even intensify them before they can trust to release them.

As a woman the must be watched with compassion, we must throw our light into the male clearing to not get sucked into it but to help it resolve faster. Hold your space of light and deep connection with earth, the cycles of life, and the powerful place of intuition. Remain safe and free at all times!

We must slow down in our relationships to find new ways of being together and creating together. 

So, we can no longer rage like the suffragettes and the women in the 60ies and 70ies did. We don’t have that choice, as we learn to do everything from a 5th dimensional perspective. We have moved up into a higher understanding of feminine form and the role of the feminine for the ascension of the planet.

We must clear the emotions as they are old and no longer serve us. In the video I explain how this can be done, there are many ways, but this is one that works well for most individuals. We don’t need to sink into emotions no matter how overwhelming, we must remember our power to move them out of our body. From sublime self-love and authority.

From there we can re-connect with the beauty of our being, with the earth, with the female organs and the universal knowledge of creation that is deeply seeded in them: the female form knows how to create life! How to manifest life from the dark into the light, the female form knows about the most glorious mystery in the universe, creation and transmutation.

How many of us suffer when we bleed?

This too we must understand is a physical response to being trained into the mental and emotional pattern of feeling shame and fear towards the female processes. It is time we re-connect with the powerful mechanisms of cleansing and creation that the female body holds. We release monthly what is old, and what we no longer need, information in the body can leave us every so many days, empowered by the rhythm of the moon and the universe. We know how to create a pause and to go deep to replenish and then come up anew with rejuvenated strength. Through the female cycles we are deeply held within the earthly wisdoms and connection to all the changes and movements on earth.

Clearly, when this knowing and this knowledge of the feminine process is not honoured by the female, the male cannot live up to his full potential either. We are balancing each other, and we are finding back into this balance now by making sure that both aspects, male and female, are equally present in all of us, and honoured as such with curiosity and playfulness, ceremony and joy!

As we are learning again to hold our space and our light, so are the ones who chose the male form: to hold feminine and masculine energies in equal measure. Letting go of all concepts of what a man has to be or do, and what a woman has to be or do, and live from our free hearts as the androgynous beings that we are.

Strong, challenging; unfolding without competing, caring without fear.

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