A gem in your heart

This life is YOUR TRIP, and it is your inner programming and old soul wounds, which project outwards and colour life for you…light and wide or less so until we have understood and healed…the wonderful news is: you can LEARN to remember who you are and to PRACTICE conscious decision making moment by moment… for your highest good. Your body will thank you for it too…it will change from being stiff and tense or even dysfunctional into feeling lighter, more in flow and stronger…YOUR MIND regains clarity as it follows the HEART LEADERSHIP and your DNA follows suit.

Start the day by clearing your heart. See a gem or diamant at the center of your body at the height of your organic heart. See or imagine it shining and sparkling. Feel the brilliance, sense into it. Breath into it. Long and steady breaths enjoying that awesome light. See any shadows or denser layers melt away in this blinding white crystalline light, your god-vibration tool for clearing. Let it grow until you can sit in it. Request for it to shine for as long as is needed or as long as you wish.

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