Someone never forgets

Someone never forgets that you are spirit incarnate. If your persona forgets that you are soul, ever moving energy and consciousness, your spirit team will not forget. If your mind locked in linear logic forgets what and who you are, that you are spacious beyond belief, that you are just that — evolving light and space, your soul will not forget. That is why it can go real quick that someone who just felt like they could not get a handle on life, after one clearing session is RIGHT BACK IN HER OR HIS CENTRE, high up, fed and guided by the light that their soul calls in. WOW, isn’t it grand and great?

Your power god-soul vibration never fades, it is just numbed and hidden beyond hard-wired convictions that the collective physical world on earth has agreed to believe in. My brother-in-the-light Eckhardt Tolle called it the “collective insanity” of our time.

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