The energy called unicorn

When I sat with some friends around the birthday table of my son a few days ago, someone said, “I wonder why we all have to deal with unicorns these days. The term even exists in business (for someone who is very versatile) and in politics (labeling something as unreal or unrealistic)? Oh, I could have explained. I did not feel it was the time or setting to do so, though. Now let me clarify: the energy which has been called unicorn since a very, very long time on earth, is an ascended energy. Just like angelic energy, it is 5 and 7 dimensional vibrational field. Meaning we can now, that our planet has risen up, approach it and work with it. These energies are at service to humanity. The connect us up, the lift our frequency so we can activate higher energies and knowing in us. The unicorn comes in through the Stargate of Lyra, the moon and the chalice above our heads. We can call unicorn energy in when we need emotional clearing, and purity of feeling and thinking. I send it regularly to the children on this turbulous planet, so they can root themselves better and feel safer. It is no coincidence that more and more people sense and use it to enlarge their skill base.

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