Is depression a choice?

I talked today to a young woman who went through a major change in her life. A mother of three moving from a complacent and naturebond life into a situation that one could describe as more conform. Work and school now dictate the flow of the family. She told me, “This is a moment where I realize I can let go and drift into depression or I see the opportunity to work on my pain points.”

This is an impressive assessment. We have choice, always. And the higher choice, the elevating choice comes from within. Is directed by our inner state. Do we remember we can choose fearlessness, can we remember we can choose to slow down and trust that when we breath deeply and put in our 50 % that we will be met in the middle by an army of light forces, higher circumstances and opportunities to not just move on but up? Can we choose to trust that this is FOR US, yes, I know this can be hard to accept, that this TOO, is for us when we feel stuck?

I have people seen heal into movement within minutes. Out of depression into connection. I also know that wounding can be very complex and very old. Etherically and physically.

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