Anger in us

I wanted to initially write about the importance of the human being to work with all the data we have available in our being. All the libraries in our etheric and in our cells, our physical. The chakras, the centers of energy in us, above us and below us need to he cleared and expanded. The ascended chajras have not made it into the conscious work of many loving teachers and light workers yet. That will change soon.

Well, but see, I sit in a train while writing and have to overhear a couple one group of seats over from mine. The woman seems to own some solid strength of mind and speaks with a demanding voice. She cuts her partner short at will, shuts him up and criticizes him. It seems insensitive and incoherent behavior. Controlling and repressing. She jumps from a moment of kindness to impatience and anger. Is she aware of this? What Programme is she running, what survival strategy? Everybody is dumm around me, I alone get it? Mixed in with the underlying fear of not being heard. Can we trust in the world when we cut the vibes and vibrations of trust in us short? Can we relax, deeply, can our soul’s blueprint mend when in this mode?

It is a great step into relaxation when we start to listen. To our own thoughts, the grinding in our heads and hearts. Slow down and breath. Sense into your own wound. Zoom into it and love it up. The world is at your service, triggering every single unhealed moment of your life. So say thanks, own this holographic plasma called reality. Work with it, lift it, clear it, love it up!

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