Data like broken coal

A few days back I scanned the body of an awesome woman and mother of 4. why do I call her awesome? Because she has so much space in her being to move with the wind. To follow leads to be open, curious, then intense and upshaking.

On her right I found a large piece of broken up coal. The spirit world has a way to translate data into metaphors. She has been burned, her right side, action giving out side, her male side, her relationship side with man and male stuff, was burned out. This is not a definition of victimisation. Far from it. It means she has chosen many experiences with men, father, the male in her to understand it. She got close to see and now to understand. So there was this data and it was shown to me together with some pictures, some clear some vague.

It showed so it could be assessed, quick and fast. As we give attention all data, all wounding, all learning can be lifted into the light of consciousness where everything dissolves because it has taught us its lesson. The coal was cold and could be removed, done. Lower vibrational light becomes higher light. It always was light, even the darkest hours are light. What we have understood as energy resolves, dissolves, absolves, no matter what the outer circumstances are. We can stand tall and shining while the world does its dance of light and shadow, learn to watch it, shining your light into it, and not be pulled by it.

We identify, compare, defy and compete too much with this world around us. While truly it is all chimera, ever changing in color and quality depending on our lens. Everything, absolutely everything exists IN US, BEGINS AND ENDS IN US. From out this place we can enlighten all former confusion. Shift the camera, guys, shift the camera!

This was exactly the moment in the life of this wonderful woman. Time to turn down the volume of what others say from out their wounded selves, it is the beginning of radically putting her heart and eyes and ears into the center of her inner being to see and decide from their. Find her balance between giving, giving out and pulling in. Not stretching herself thin trying to be RIGHT. She is perfect, we all are perfect as the lovelight that we are.

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