How to heal emotions?

There are as many angles and preferences to heal what sits too tight and pains us as there are humans on the planet.

One thing they all have in common, though, we no longer run from them. Stop, turn around, and you might find out that what chases you was a schmoozing cat and not a tiger. Give your power of awareness to your fear, and BANG, it all reshapes, resizes, reorganise, and releases. Your light is BIG BANG material, believe me!

When you sit and watch your wounds, the transformation starts. In love. Call in all the love and Self-honoring moments you can remember from your many, many travels in this and other dimensions, they will all fly towards you pulled in through the electromagnetics of your intention to upgrade and heal. Everything is based on pure intention in this quantum universe. Set your intention, connect with Self, instruct Self and all helpers, and greet the morphing and shifting, the release of shadow in awe and gratefulness. Please make sure to replace lower data with higher light and awareness, a more positive and nurturing energy. This is how we do it in the upper spirit layers in many universes as well as within mother, in the centre of the earth. Deep grarutyte to all of you to meet shadow as the light warriors and lovers that you are.


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