Choosing, not choosing right, is what matters

I heard of a young woman whose relationship came to an unexpected end and she had to not only gather herself up and leave but also to find a new home. She felt at a loss to figure out what was right for her now.

What many of us forget is that it doesn’t matter so much what we choose next using our best momentary judgment but that we MOVE AT ALL. When we take a decision, any decision, the universe can comply. It becomes the wind under our wings. Indecisiveness or unexpress Ed, unconscious needs are very hard to read for our spirit helpers. In the universe clarity matters greatly, after all, it is a quantum field we are moving in in this universe and on earth. We create our realities based on our intention. Intention is our heart based decision making, direct, fast and unfiltered.

So, when things change radically around you, find a place, a room, a cafe, a place in nature or whatever can offer you a safe realm to unwind, recentre and find clarity for what you want next, what you need next in your life. Remember what you are.

Accept the utter unresolvedness of this moment in your life, realize how momentary it is, and ask for a way out, a little help, a sign. In this way, you remember against all odds that YOU create your life. You called this learning in and when you have remembered and integrated that you can choose to move on, you ARE BEING MOVED ON, IN POWER AND IN CO-CRÉATION with the universe.

Maybe someone offers you to sleep on their sofa for a few nights or to housesit while they go away or you read a motivating article or are invited to go for a walk with a neighbor. Don’t be too proud or think it useless, it most certainly is help sent to you and will lead to the next step. Remain open and trusting and in love with your Self, so you can move out of the outer chaos into inner calm, centredness and clarity.

You are clearly moving up now!

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