Earth is calling

In my Online Workshop last Thursday, I mentioned how since 2012 we moved from a fabricated sense of decay and helplessness on earth into a philosophy of life, for life, for light and love. A dark spiraling energy has been countered with highest godlovelight to catapult us all into higher possibilities. This had been decide in many cosmic councils. The balance between light and shadow had been long lost, something needed to happen.

This day today carries the energy of remembering this choice for freedom and honoring of Self as love and light. And it seems to me today it is not the universal creator beings who remind us of it but MOTHER EARTH Herself emanates this intention energy.

First I felt nudged to write about the need for us to properly meet mother everyday. On our hands and knees with our foreheads on the ground, sinking deeply into her. Feeling our heart melt with hers. Sensing her sorrows and joys and requests, her brown soothing energy of giving, sharing, longing and becoming. She fills my every cell with warmth and completion like only Mother can. Feel her embrace, breath into it, take it into the substrata of your being and feel how the many wounding of loss and lack close in your soul layers.

Second I received a link to a beautiful song this morning about how we can feel earth’s rhtym through our naked feet walking on her. I always clear the feet chakras of the people I work with, so we can all attune our rhythm to hers once more (coffee intake impedes this connection). Massage your feet daily to open up their guiding light. Just a few minutes while sitting somewhere.

Third I had picked up a book from the Anastasia series at my mother’s house yesterday. I opened it at a random place and BANG, Anastasia, the Russian initiate, brings it all back to us. Don’t be too lazy or too fearful to MEET YOUR SELF. Turn your life towards creation, towards the light. Create your life, this is the time on earth, where, as souls we get this massive chance to win back power and clarity over what we want and what we are. Enough roboting around believing a tale of lack of power, lack of choice, lack of opportunity. We are the ones we have waited for!

It is time to DROP THE OLD CONVICTIONS OF NOT HAVING ENOUGH, NOT HAVING WHAT IT TAKES, NOT BEING ENOUGH. Each single one of us holds the dream of love, the dream of light, the dream of creation for ourselves and this world.

We all have it in us to realize our dreams. Start with realizing what it is that you are! A vast creator being holding the dream of life and love in you to be realized in every moment of your life! We are not here to hold back, but to dream big and to cocreate to lift this earth through our dreams.

Today MOTHER EARTH reminds us of this and that it is ONLY WITH HER BLESSINGS that we can reach our dreams on earth. She is the first and the last to listen to while on this planet. Alpha and omega.

Soothing darkness, love of light, water being as we are. Longing to be held by us, the light incarnate.

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