Cancer, a chance to renew and upgrade your relationship with Self

A friend let me know today that a colleague of hers was diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is experience and emotions not dealt with, wounds not healed, not dealt with, not listened to. It is densified love vibration, stuck love vibration that needs loving attention, deep listening to clear.

The gift of cancer is the beginning of something new, a new relationship with Self. Honoring our pain and learning so we can be enlightened by it. Instead of pushing it away into the deeper layers of our un/consciousness. So times it takes 30 or 40 or more years, till our body calls us to correct our relationship with our Self, our soul, our consciousness, our love light existence.

I wrote to her: Maybe you can help him to selfheal and to meet his wounding with love for himself. She said that her colleague was pushing her away. Yes, this is part of the pattern of declining and denying oneSelf help and selfhonoring, feeling not worthy to be helped to be heard. How to break through to him?

Keep sending him your light of love, so change can come easier to him, as his auric field will fill with a higher love vibration in this way. See him stand in a dome of very white light, clearing all densities in his body.

Usually, we don’t need to ask for permission to share our love light with others using pure intention. We help someone to raise her or his vibration for her or his highest good, not to fulfill a personal goal driven by ego or fear. Pure lovelight follows the universal agenda of highest good for all.

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