Darkness light-filled

I sat often in the darkness of the night this month. Some candles lit. Just my being and conscious mind stretching into the vast data of what we call darkness. Darkness to me is full of warmth, silkiness and information teaching me about light and holding me, cradling me. Softly, gently. I know with great clarity that darkness is the stuff we all came out of and walk in. It holds the light, it protects the light, it serves the light. No need to fear it.

Shine your light into it to connect to its wisdom. Darkness is not the absence of light. To me it is the fullness of light to be seen and felt, could we at all feel, see, explore the light in the light?

Darkness, the high creator darkness, which has nothing to do with shadow or low vibrational energy, is a powerful force field of love creation. It is the first and the last. Creation power at service to the light. No light can be born without it being there to hold it. Embrace it, revere it.

And yes, it is our task to wed that energy, to lift it and reconfirm its role with our light, our love. Shine into it, honor it knowing that the light, all light, molds the dark and upholds and upgrades it.

Fear not the darkness. Be the light that commands it, directs it, loves it.

We ccelebrate the return of the light on Christmas. The christed night, the night of the newly sanctified light. The energy called Jesus Christ’s light quotient was higher than anyone’s on the planet at the time. He was prepared for this role. To remind humanity of the power of love, which is light, the highest light, the only creational energy in the cosmos.

I for one will celebrate the darkness of tonight, 21.12.. To then, spanning and stretching into the space of 22/23.12. to welcome and anchor the power of the 2020, its data, intentions and upgraded inelligence. To honor it, to hold it and to cocreate it. Merry Christmas!

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