Clearing when Physical Movement is Hard

I spoke before about how important it is to move the body in order to clear bits and bobs of shadow that attaches to our auric fields during our days and nights. We can go to the supermarket and if we are not moving in a state of higher light at all times, and most of us still have negative thought circles running or old wound data switching on here and there, then we will come home slightly blurred or feeling a bit off balance. Not to worry. Notice it and stand into a very high light, move into a high frequency sun and see all shadow melt away. Ask or support.

Yoga, running, walking are all perfect to shed shadow. We push it out through joyful connection with nature or when we sweat or simply move into increased motion. If you can’t exercise or walk because you are sick or in a wheelchair, start to meditate immediately. Twice a day, at least, connect to your inner space, your light, and push it through all your cells and all of your body. Ask your spirit guides for help and intensification of your clearing. We are never alone.

After my second Cesarean in the hospital, when my girl was born, I could not move for about 6 weeks. The day I could lift myself up into a meditation pose, I cleared my spine, and the next day I could walk again. The degree to which we can clear old stuck data is limitless. Clearly, we can clear our bodies when we lay down too. Anything goes…

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