Song 356: For the Children of This Earth

“Listen, listen, listen”

I woke up with my heart slightly bruised. I immediately listened in to see what had happened during my night work that had caused this. We all know that we go to many different places on earth and in the multiverse to do light work or to learn when we are “sleeping.” My son came to me — in an image. With tears in his eyes, and the message he sent was this. “Listen to us, follow us. We can guide you.” So I sat in meditation to hear better, and then they came, thousands and millions stood around me eager to bring across their message. Especially the ones who live in the earth. And so I sang their message to you.

Never mind my cracking voice, in time my vocal cords my strengthen..another 355 songs to sing….I am very excited to see who else will have a message for us…Just for today, slow down, whenever a child tries to catch your gaze…we give them so little attention, especially when our striving is fear-based and not heart-based, some even hush the children away…PLEASE TODAY put a large pink and red flower in the center of your heart for the children of this world….with the intention that it blooms and brings beauty for them and to them….AMAR AMAR AMAR

By the way, the language I speak in is my universal language, my cosmic light language. It came to me one day when I was ready.

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