Song 352: For the Unique Talents We All Bring In

Many souls incarnate currently on earth who have not been here very often, or not ever. The still rather dense energies on earth can be a shock to their systems. Some will withdraw into what we call the autism spectrum. They simply connect to other dimensions and beings than humans to survive. Some souls choose to incarnate and choose physical circumstances, bodies, that are slow or just wired in a way that fits their experience on earth best. My children seem to be magnets for these souls…I believe there was not one train ride that we have taken since we live in Switzerland without such a soul incarnate in an adult body trying to make contact with them…what a great way for us to practice tolerance, compassion, love, curiosity, non-judgement, oneness…

Judgement is becoming so very boring once we have reached a higher and much wider perspective on life. The perspective of choice; free choice reigns everything, always. When something appears odd or strange, we can (choose to ) trust that there is a good reason, it is a higher logic, a higher choice, that plays out. It is far more interesting and giving to embrace it (the person, the situation) and learn from whatever seems to throw us off. What is it we are trying to hold onto too tight that we can even feel thrown off….?

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