What Is Imagination for?

Have you ever asked yourself why it is possible that we can make up things and see them in our inner eye? What is this power good for?

Well, on the one hand not all that you think you are making up, is made up. Your telepathics might be more open and able then you realize. So what you see, IS. The data does exist in another realm or dimension. The multiverse IS. Our sciences confirm this these days. We can move from parallel universe to parallel universe with ease, using our intention to do so.

On the other hand, when using imagination in soul evolution processes, it is a way of turning on our pretend mode. Say you cannot see into other dimensions, then use your imagination to “pretend” to see. As soon as you do that, the universe comes in and takes over from there. The effect being that what you imagine becomes a REAL EXPERIENCE for your electromagnetics, your consciousness, your DNA, and your soul. How? You used your intention. In other words, you wanted it so. So it becomes so. We are creator beings. This is a major higher fact to remember.

This Sunday at 5PM Zurich time, we will talk about how to use our imaginative powers to create the outcomes we are looking for. Sign up here higherfacts.org….let me know if you have any issues signing up…see you there.

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