Song 349: To our divine middle line

The song I recorded this morning is stuck on my phone. The format I chose cannot be transferred. Bummer.

I sang to and of the data we carry in our middle line since the very moment our physical started to unfold from there, like a flower that is opening itself up. The middle line is home to us in the physical, it is our centre in our very early stage of forming the body. I remember how I moved or connect my many light body layers and my consciousness to the genetic data of my parents and family lines. That did not feel very ‘natural’ to me as soul at all. It is, I belief, a moment of imprinting the concept of limitation into our soul, our vast and ever moving and free reality as energy. It is vital to release that concept later by contacting daily our HIGHER SELF, our vast consciousness, our SOUL SELF. That place where time and space fall away, and NO-THING IS, and we find all we long for and all we need to realize this longing into BECOMING WHAT WE ARE. It is a mystery and it is simple and mechanical at the same time.

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