Create the results you want in life

Every time you do anything to support your soul, it is SO relieved and grateful. 

You see, IT KNOWS what it needs more than you do. 

However, like a polite child it will stay quiet UNTIL SUDDENLY IT JUST HAS TO SPEAK UP! 

And those sudden ‘Ahaa, this-is-what-I-really-need’ moments may even go unnoticed by you! Leading your soul to try something more dramatic to get your attention. Whoops!

So MEET YOUR SOUL EVERY DAY, MEET YOUR SELF EVERY DAY FOR for a 5-10 minute workout. Sensing into the needs of your soul might save you from years of THINKING you are happy – when truthfully you may be feeling dissatisfied deep down.

This Sunday, we will practice looking into the week ahead to listen to our souls and create the results we want to be happy. A more intimate relationship, a closer relationship to our children, an old wound healed… Whatever it is your soul longs for, your heart will pick it up for you…. And through a powerful yet simple visualisation technique your soul will hold you accountable to what you signed up for and you will create the outcome you want… THE SECRET INGREDIENT: TAKE YOUR SELF AND YOUR LONGING SERIOUS.

This could be your insurance against a dissatisfied life.

Sign up for the workshop on Sunday, January 19, 5PM, Zurich time,

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