Song 344: Be Your Priority.

Cllear what feels dark or tight. This is quite mechanical. Wahs it away with light that you imagine.

Observe your emotions. Clear them, correct them. Is there really someone out there to get you NOW? Or is that an experience from another time in your life or another life completely?

Actively build up your light column. This column can be seen by seers like me. Maybe you can feel it. Keep it clean, this is very important to clear old stuff away, from the night, from 10 Minutes ago, the day before, from your last life.

Use the light of your light column to spread it into your auric field. Here shadow can stick to your very fine web of consciousness. Do this several times a day.

Healing is clearing first and foremost. This way your light quotient goes up. Your feeling state clears and frees itself up. Your thinking style relaxes. Your mind is quite, it does not have much to do anymore. Our minds are only very busy when we are in survival mode.

The place frmo where you create decided on the outcome. Make sure your house is pure and clean (healed) and you will magnetise good things into your life.

PS: How do you use visualisation/imagination skills to create the outcome in your life that you seek? Contact me and I will send some FREE material to you…

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