Song 346: For Interlaken and all the cities

Our cities, small or large, are inflictions onto the natural balance of the land. This can be rebalanced through conscious behavior, nature belssings and the general respect we live for each other and for all beings.

I was lately at a scientific conference that focused on consciousness, what is? How can we measure it? Of course any materialistic and reductionist scientists can never even come close to understand consciousness as something we are, not something we have. But then this audience member stood up, and said, I am not interested in finding consciousness in the body or discussing its location at all. I am interested in my personal and subjective search for it on a daily basis.” My being conscious and my meeting consciousness, these are my added words. `he also said, and it is time we grant subjectivity to all that is around us, he said. And I thought, of course, everything is conscious. Do we still have to talk about that? And it seems we do in a multidimensional world. Cause one philosopher ;ady responded granting subjectivity to all beings is “going a bit too far.” WOW! Is this arrogance or ignorance speaking? Science’s own consciousness, own level of freedom vibration and its own perspective onto the vast phenomena around them is heartbreakingly self-limited. I bless them all, every single one of them so their evolution can speed up for the highest good of all.

Anyway I say all this, because any place, inhabited by people or not, has consciousness, a story it wants to tell and intelligence. Let su make sure we listen to that story with every action, thought and feeling, and don’t trample over it. So, send healing clarity into the place you live, connect to mother who holds all vibrations. Our healing intention has a great effect on our relationship with everything around us. Approach everything and everyone from the highest, purest vibration: in joy, in trust, in curiosity. Like this you are the change you seek.

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