Song 341: We are Crystals too

So, you might know that we can use crystals to amplify our light, especially to clear data in us or to send pure light to someone in need, or to lift up a place or a situation.

In the same way, very high-up Beings from Love and Light, can use us as crystals, as amplifiers for their supportive light frequencies. If we give them permission. If we choose to work in partnership with these light authorities.

The Soul Bodies

Our higher Selves are attached to and hold in our water bodies. A crystal is in a way “frozen” water. It holds the same qualities. It is a cooling experience. It opens up your telepathics, and expands your consciousness in a radical way. This is only attractive for those souls who have a very high frequency and have cleared their karma/shadow to a very high degree or completely.

We all support each other and cooperate for the highest good.

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