Song 335: Why Rituals Work

Rituals work because they connect our unconscious to a higher state of being.
Rituals move beyond the mind state into the vaster space of our light beingness.

The ritual of lighting a candle first thing in the morning, connects me back to the eternal light that I am. My love-god reality. BANG…just like subconscious knowing is literally lit up! The ritual of kissing and blessing my children when they leave the house, connects me back to my higher state of manifesting light. I can call in my highest light state to put protection around my kids and I can call in my spirit and light helpers to clear their electromagnetics with me so to intensify their inner strength and psychic safety. With this ritual I consciously and unconsciously connect back to cell memory in the etheric body of my being as love and light consciousness-a creator.

Rituals activate conscious and unconscious intention, and we know that this is how things move in our quantum universe-by intention. In all its layers. Our physical cells included.

My favourite morning ritual is to stand on my balcony with my arms stretch out to the skies calling or singing:
“I am ready to receive the highest blessings and the highest teachings for today. I am ready to to receive the best and to be the best. Lift me up into the eternal light of love now and forever.”

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