Choice is the most powerful energy on this planet—and still so many of us struggle to use it at all, or to use it effectively

What do I mean with effectively? I mean for their own good. Most people do not choose freely, they don’t believe their choice is free….they feel they have to please others, or are under pressure by others, so they do some sort of risk analyses, which blows my mind and I am sure theirs too. We cannot foresee live and we cannot control it. But hey, good news, we can play a major role in creating it, OUR LIVE FOR US.

When we calculate risk in a fear state, we actually attract risk through the power of our thoughts. Thinking about all the possible downsides and horrors means that we go down with our frequency, and we always attract on roughly the same frequency….so under the law of attraction, we pull in negative energy, challenging situations and people, while we thought we did the opposite, to protect ourselves from downfall. Worrying is counterproductive.

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WE ARE GIANTS OF LOVE AND LIGHT, and if we don’t think, speak and act accordingly FROM A TALL, PURE AND CLEAR PLACE we pull ourselves down. And choice lies in all of these fields of expression. Small and large.

You can create your own personal universe of spark and light by listening to your soul’s needs and her longing, and it will be more real than the thin layer of superimposed conviction and belief systems that most of us follow by collective agreement.

Reconnecting to YOUR SELF. Calm your mind by choosing your heart, by strengthening your inner platform over and over again in daily practices on the go and when sitting down to zoom in and out into your full being, by talking to your soul…which is a completely new dimension of hearing your passion, your power, your dedication to life ROAR! Stability and safety lie within you, not outside of you.


How do I do that? This is a link to register for the upcoming LIVE CALL on The Power of Choice, it’s this Sunday Feb 23, 2020, join us to discuss all the questions you have–fearlessly, it matters greatly that this is understood.

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