To know that you have choice is in itself a HUGE thing.

To be able to use it equals a quantum leap in freedom and inner stability. 

My son, when discussing free choice, said that he cannot choose at school, that someone decides for him most of the time. I replied: “Yes, that is true and it is not ideal. And while we can choose to change that, we can also CHOOSE OUR PERSPECTIVE on the stuff that comes our way. Choose whether you believe what you hear, choose whether you like what is decided for you, and then choose to ACT ACCORDINGLY. Speak up, ask a question, for man interest group or whatever it is you can do. “

My daughter, 7, was in deep thought and then she smiled and said, “I understand choice. I can have cucumber or tomato and I choose cucumber.” “Yes, very good”, I nodded. “Some people don’t know what they want. They forgot all along to feel what is good for them and what is not.”

CHOICE is first and foremost ABOUT FEELING. Feeling YOUR SELF….and in a second step, respecting what you feel, and thirdly, taking action in alignment with what you feel. The taking action part is the hardest for most people. In my experience, it becomes more and more easy, the more often you MEET WITH YOUR SELF.

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