Feeling like you can’t shift things on your own?

You might have tried for a while to shift things in your life. To think more positive, or to clear pain in your body that comes from strong emotions.

Know this, you are being loved and greatly cared for. It is important NOW to reach through all that pain, and frustration and anger. Reach your hand up, knowing, or pretending to know, imagining, that there is SOMEONE UP THERE who waits for exactly that to happen: FOR YOU TO REACH UP.

I tell you a secret. Pretending does the trick. Because there is indeed someone waiting there. Youer guides, your tutors need you to call them and DIRECT YOUR INTENTION (remember this is your golden power tool) AT THEM. Through the blur, through the tears, find your calm center, breath yourself into centeredness if needed, and then reach up, intent up, speak up. They cannot hear your when you are deep in emotion, that waveform is too chaotic. But they will be immediately at your side when you speak from your calm and centered self.

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