Time has melted away

Have you realized this too?

Time snuck off. The concept of linear creation is not sustainable anymore on earth. (some might still try to cling on to it, sure.)

People start to create through magnetising other humans, circumstances and situations.
Not by sitting at the desk drawing up nice 5 year plan. I mean, that is fun to do and if we do it from a CREATOR BEING CONSCIOUSNESS extremely powerful…but the actual creation happens in the NOW. Every single one of them.

Choice Points and the Intense Magnetic Force Field Leading ...

It is crucial to be present, to be free from limiting concepts….so we can jump into fresh action when exactly those humans and those opportunities stand in front of us that we have long dreamed about…Ideally, this is no surprise to you, because you have actually magnetised them in keeping your INTENTION FOR CHANGE steadily UP. Welcome to the new high frequency world….where we start to experience pouches of ENERGY MANAGEMENT AND QUANTUM CREATION in everyday situations understanding OUR ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS as POWER TOOLS to realize our dreams.

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