Viruses have consciousness too

The global community is going through an initiation. How do we respond when low vibration and negativity are superimposed onto the to collective? Can we see beyond it? Can we read it as what it is: viruses are energy, they are conscious. Meaning we can talk to them, we can engage them, we lift them, we can UP THEM from consciousness to consciousness.

Fear attracts viruses.

I am not sure this virus is in any way worse than any other virus. It is communicated as if it would bring doom day, and I am sorry to say that a large percentage of people accepts that and adapts their vibration to the level of fear–generously and unconsciously nurturing every single old wound in themselves. I dare also say, that this is almost the exact percentage of people who already perpetuate a level of fear, negativity, low vibration in their mental and emotional bodies. It is their chance to rise above this imposed fear-mongery and clear out their own stuff. It is a chance for everyone to use our own judgement and to remember that we decide on our vibrational health — with every thought we think, with every choice we make.

3 Ways to Hear God's Voice in the Chaos

Let your body know how precious and light-filled, divinely connected it is, and listen to it. Many of us feel listless and need to rest, while we light workers and the many higher forces are day and night on it to shift the (man-made) wave of fear and angst. This kind of collective frenzy is beyond harmful for our planet and its beings. Each one of must do what we can do remain joyful, in heart control and positive in order to neutralize the virus, to love it up into balance.

The Most Powerful Weapon is Love | David M Masters

Nothing that enters our body, we cannot transmute. Everything that moves into us, we can alchemize. A balanced, fearless human being, a human being in its natural state of connected lovelight power, is divinely healthy. I admit, most of us have forgotten about this. But still, accept this tale of doom as YOUR SACRED TRAINING GROUND ground to raise your frequency, and to send love and light around the globe for every one else to clear their hearts of fear and hurt and to consciously choose LIGHT POWER and the alchemy of love.

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