Touching in the time of COVID

I have been out four days in a row running along the river early in the morning. The fog still hung deep in the mountains. Both times I could not wait to run deep into the forest to sit on a log or under a tree and listen. Listen to the birds, the insects, the light crawling over the hills and through the foliage.

I sat and listened and as always this stillness expands in me rapidly and carries my intention out into all the realms, not just this planet. So I dialogued with my main guide, and she pushed me up immediately, up up up through all the layers of this universe and beyond to meet the creator beings that I work with since a while. But even they did not want to settle with me but pushed me up even higher through the light layers of that realm into an even lighter light. Up here energy is so subtle that we have no words for it. It is transparent and singing, humming every so finely that even the humming feels heavied down by words. I AM up there, clearly identified, of course not as Lillian, not as form or shape – but clearly coded as I AM I. I am as a reference point to a specific set of spiraling data in the big All. Oneness is experiential up here with totale ease. It’s just how it is. There is no confusion about it. Today, I rewrote my contract with these even higher beings of light authority, and gave them new permissions. I am excited beyond words…I will revisit and revisit them several times a day to listen and to ask questions… 

Jogging home, I wondered. The fourth time in a row I had not touched the trees like I used to do for years. What is going on? I feel partly touching in this new world we are in, has become a much more conscious choice. We are moving into 5D where we can access so much data energetically, simply by login in and listening inwardly to the many beings and information around us. I can connect energetically in a deeply nurturing way, which for me most often is the choice I go to first, the more intuitive choice, before I touch a tree, an animal or a human. Touching another being is a great honour and something very special. And we have the chance to remember this during the COVID-19 time. We don’t need to touch to feel loved and give love. But if we do so consciously, we transmit enormous power, tons of light connects and updates, if done in purity.

Choose to learn to connect, feel held and loved and nurtured energetically in this time, and and beyond this time. Sure, hug trees and caress flowers and plants wherever you find them. But let us not forget that our energy field, our force field, our aura touches everything around us first before we even stretch out a hand. For miles and miles around us.

Let us keep our auric field clear and clean and sparkly as we move through the day, the world, the universe. Please check out my webinars and local courses where we work together on practicing clearing techniques for us and the planet.

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