Your Soul is your core driver

In order to create your reality screen successfully, in orer to access the core motivations in your life, you need to go beyond the mental level. We need to reach beyond our logic or trained ideas of right and wrong and connect to our core driver, our soul.

Our soul is the place where our passions, our stamina our desire to learn and experience this or that resides. Talk to your soul daily to find clarity in your life. Ask it what it longs for in this life beyond anything else. Just say: “Soul, I’d like you to stand before me now, so we can talk.” Then see it come in, as an energy or shaped as a being. You will know it is your soul no matter what shape it appears in. And then ask away. FEEL the answers in your heart.

This will intensify your absolute knowing of what you came here for. It is amazing to feel that warmth and fearlessness of your soul, the level of clarity.

Talking to soul accelerates your evolution..and you know makes you smarter too!

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