Earth healing is what we all came here for

Mother earth is our home for a very short time.

We all chose to be here now to lift her in whatever way we choose to.

Higher vibration is the key.
Purity of thought is a way to clear our water and the planets layers and dimensions.
Singing and being in joy is another path we can take.

Shining our light into every situation we encounter. Not judging anything or anyone. Holding all experiences on the frequency of transformation and unity. On the power frequency of love.

And then there is the energy work of travelling into the layers of Mother earth to clear density and blockages in her. I do this work daily from the moment I open my eyes, to shamanic trance states during the day where I am called by incarnate peoples to unblock their land, to our SUNDAYZ ritual where we send healing into the planet as a group.

If you are curious please sign up to participate into our SUNDAYZ practice HERE.
The processes are fully guided and easy to follow. Every Sunday at 7PM, Zurich time, 50 minutes.

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