You are the one that resides beyond all the doubts


I woke up with a slight tension in my heart.

I had worked through my sleeping state discussing and solving many situations. Elsewhere, not in the body, not on earth, either, I believe. Although, my son was there with me throughout the entire thing. I remember feeling happy that he was such a strong partner and that he was challenging me in joy. But for some reason the waking up felt disruptive. My self-love was compromised and I could observe that my thoughts were triggered by outer circumstances. Always a sign that shadow had touched me. When I am residing in soul-self I remain whole and in my shining reality as free and vast creator. When old wounding is activated, my thoughts tend to become slightly negative or angry.

It is usually intuition that rebalances me. To link into my heart and follow its needs. Or conscious clearing, or both. Today, intuition, or cosmic guidance, which is the same, led me to pull out a book from my shelves and to read, while holding my right hand on my heart. Flooding it with light. Wow! I chose to respond with self-love and self-giving. I lifted my frequency and from their the tension was undoing itself, helped by a myriad of light technicians and healing angels who had “heard” my call for help. When we call them from a place of self-honoring, they can hear us well. When we call them from anger or fear, it is hard for the light beings to tune into this–to them– unknown frequency. It’s like they exist in a different room and can’t hear us. See, herein lies the collaboration part. It is our duty or choice to remember what we are, love and light, first and then reach up from there no matter how much fear or anger seem to hold a grip on us. Reach through these illusions of separation. Doubt not. You are the one that can look at these emotions, find that position and then call for help. From light being to light being!

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