I was just told by my spirit mentors: When very high light downloads into your auric field you spin off into a higher dimension…into a different timeline….you literally start to create with a different speed and confidence, not held back by doubt and fear as it is construed and webbed into this lower vibrational realities that the human collective sits in.

I know from experience that this is so. And don’t we all know what being in love, for instance, can do to us…EVERYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE, WE FEEL SUPER HUMAN…This is our natural state, not created by endorphins and other hormones. But by higher light infusions that melt away old wounding and harmful experiences that created damage in our wiring in our aura, our being.

Higher light infusions you can download daily. Working with the Creator Beings from far beyond the upper levels of this universe does this for you. It is their job to upgrade us in this way. Clearing and rewiring our electromagnetics, our auric field.

My trainings and teachings concern this speed for your soul evolution. Raise your hand if you are interested…and SIGN UP for an online or physical training….

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