Training to know and to request

In my monthly Live Teachings & Trainings, Creator Beings from far beyond the upper layers of this universe connect with us. They talk through me and they connect to us. So where they sit the energy is super fine. They hold an authority of light that touches and lifts your process within seconds. They hand is on the frequency, they own it, they control it. You literally change into a different mode of feeling and thinking. One that is unique to your soul. You become you, truly. Your soul’s purpose is coming to the forth.

Let There Be Light! | New Stories, Old Book.

Why do they train us?

Well, it is their job and they need us to tell them what we need, what we request for the planet. This is a free choice universe. They need us to tell them what it is that needs to change from the bottom of our heart. Our HEART HOLDS THE ENERGY TO CREATE ALONE. DO YOU HEAR THIS? They listen to our hearts desires, our FEELINGS. They listen and they go in and unblock that option for us. They effect the change, the results we seek.

It remains our task to reach up and to build a relationship and to request from heart clarity.

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