Soul purpose activation

I had this discussion with a client the other day. There is only one soul, she said. I agreed. “Therefore I must not follow what I wish, I should transcend wish altogether.” Here I felt things are bit more complex.

There is only one consciousness one field of energy BUT in order for this master soul, this god soul force field to experience itself it create smaller bits of itself. And each single bit has its own path and it sown journey of unfolding and learning. So when we say we are soul and we have a soul both is right. And I strongly believe that each one of us has a souls or is soul that reaches for a specific and unique experience while here. And that unique experience is being played back into the whole of soul, its entirety as consciousness itself.

VERONICA, Exactly What Your Soul Needs

From what I see, if we negate and repress our soul’s desire, we get sick. Soul is disappointed, frustrated and urges to go home. Our hearts tighten, our feeling state affects our mental state. And our physical starts to alarm us or it breaks down. Our soul might eventually lead us into accidents to wake us up. Soul will try anything it can to make us understand that there is within us a flower that is meant to bloom, our very unique soul evolution, our personal ascension story. We chose to come here to grow and rise our consciousness. We each have a different path to do so.

So figure out what it is that your soul desires. Soul wish is not like a mental wish built on lack and loss. Soul wish is clear and clean and carries the absolute quality of expansion of light and love. It just wants to shine on a higher and higher level level of consciousness. It is not about the outer world; soul wishes remain untouched by fashion or human tendencies. Soul wishes to experience itself in an ever vaster and more free way. There is no frustration in soul or disappointment. Only the will to heal.

In my MONTHLY LIVE ONLINE TRAINING session we activate the often repressed soul purpose. We ask soul what it wants in this life. My tipp: Ask soul every day, what it wants and whether you have forgotten something that matters. Our relationship with soul is ideally an intimate one, a close one.

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