Breathing is still not understood in its full power

Last week I gave a three day seminar in the Center of Unity in Switzerland.

We practiced deep release breathing throughout. From 6AM until 9PM, in sessions of 1-3 hours in which we learned about higher light techniques to release old data in our electromagnetics.

When we set our intention on a higher state of being, a higher consciousness or healing/remembering, we immediately start to release all else. We give the universe permission to support this intention.

Everything that sits too dense or tense in us or that comes at us from the outside is being lifted. At some point, after years of practice, our body automatically shifts into release when it finds itself facing lower vibrations. Taking in more oxygen and releasing shadow energy.

In this seminar I was kept in this state of release throughout. My body’s wisdom is on non-stop. Much was transmuted in this time together. And my breathing made sure it stayed in that realm of higher healing and conscious transmutation. Where it cannot get stuck in anyone. When we breathe deeply, we are being cleared. It is such a super power tool. It is the number one tool to make sure that we are safe, present and as intelligent as possible.

How is this possible? When we breathe deeply, we let god vibration run through us. This level of conscious light switches on all the ‘home energies’ in us, in our subliminal we remember to be soul-love and god-light. This intake of golden energy holds the essence of all life and the highest creator intelligence. When we breath we are in full connection with all life. In full connectivity there is no lack, no fear.

During these three days, I was not once tired or exhausted, nervous or upset. What an experience to remain so stable and alert. Holding peace and love throughout with a group of dedicated people.

Breath deeply and check your breath several times a day.

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