Deep in our hearts there is sometimes a shadow stuck

Sometimes I find a deeply hidden-away bit of data in a person’s heart. It is a hugely densified energy of harm and wounding, experiences of being touched by shadow in one way or another during our many incarnations or our wider soul journey. As a light being, we sometimes shut deep hurt away. Sometimes this is the wiser choice in order to go on and to feel safe enough. And when it is time, it shows itself. That hidden away data surfaces wanting to be healed. As everything that we hold search for the light, hungers for transmutation so we can feel free. Sometimes I see it in the metaphor of a precious little chest.

Allow the cosmic light and unconditional love to enter ...

It is with an enormously stable higher light and higher love dedication and precision that we can meet this information. I prefer to do it with my Creator Beings or other spirit technicians with a very high light-authority to alchemise the data immediately in its full. All the day down into the unconscious layers. This is light surgery executed by spirit experts from far beyond the realm of ascended masters or the archangels. It is done real quick or takes a few minutes when operated on in a high frequency dimension or timeline.

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