Change your thought patterns

How can that be achieved?

Your mental is affected by your emotional state. Our emotional state is mirroring our unconscious and our subliminal. Whatever you had to push down in terms of hard experiences in all of your life time, is still alive. Is energy with a low vibration. We have all been touched by shadow and we went into a freeze. Parts of us are cemented.

We can go into our unconscious with beings of very high light-authority. They have speed on their side. They are super masters in terms of their understanding of energy. They can read large archives of data.

MANDALA OF FOURTH CHAKRA (heart chakra) meaning: empathy ...

I have been working with these Creator beings for a while now. When you work with me, online or offline, I hold the space so they can connect with your electromagnetics, your auric field, your unconscious.

So, get in touch, so we can free your unconscious blockages, so you feel more stable inside, and your mental can relax.

Or become part of our SUNDAYZ tribe…every Sunday at 8PM we practice deep clearing with the Creator Beings….shoot me an email and click the SUNDAYZ link on

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