Deep unconscious change with speed

Every month I offer a LIVE TRAINING & HEALING session.

We look at a topic regarding self-healing, the collective and the planet. We meet our spirit technicians, and we move UP UP UP into layers of light far beyond this universe. Yes, far beyond the Elohim. These beings call themselves “Creator Beings And Beyond”. They hold very high light authority and their agenda is to release pressure in the ecosystem of energy on earth and in us so we feel more healthy in our everyday and as a human family.

They are inviting us to work with them to release deep unconscious data, from this life and our entire soul history.

This Wednesday we are invited to release childhood trauma, and to reach into the collective of humanity through us. They can only work with the collective energies using our auric fields. They seek partnership. They seek humans who wish to reach for their highest possible light frequency. To become more stable inside.

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When childhood trauma is released we feel more able to hold our self-love up. To be giving to others who need us because we don’t feel lack. We feel loved, whole and in love. Able to hold our light and space of change. Not overwhelmed and angry.

So you sit deeper inside yourself as a soul. This is called self-realisation. Knowing, beyond your logic, that you are soul.

Sep 30, 8PM, Zurich time

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